A Father’s Love

Father, a son’s first hero  and a daughter’s first  love.”

Having a father is a blessing from  Almighty God because having one  means half of your world. You have a  man who will protect and provide you  the things that you need, believe in you  when everyone is doubting that you can.

Having a father makes you feel complete  because you had someone who you can  run to when everyone turned their back  to you. Being a father is not an easy  task. You will be the strongest if all  of them are down. A father’s love is  irreplaceable. He is someone who will  wipe your tears when you’re crying,  someone who will cheer you on during  difficult times.

A father is someone who gives you the  best things in life, time, caring words  and unconditional love.

Here is a man who wants to be a  father. This is his story.

Is being a father is measured by  having a child? 

For Andres Zabal, having a child is not  the basis of being one. For him, being  a father is something that comes from  the heart. Andres Zabal is 60 years old,  a native of Libacao, Aklan. He is born   with disability. He is a mechanic.

When he was 12 years old he went  and decided to live in Kalibo. He  used to stay with relatives in Laserna  where he met his common law wife  Cherilyn Gregorio. They lived together  for almost a year but unfortunately they  got separated.

“I never blamed anyone, I believed that  anything that happened in my life has  a reason, and I never questioned God,”  he said. His simple dream is to be a  loving and caring father, but it seems  fate is toying with him. “I will never  loss hope of becoming a father, I would  really love to have children and call me  papa or tatay; I wanted to be a role  model for my child, because a child is  precious gift from above.”

“Although my dream was not fulfilled  and seems impossible now but I continue  to act like a real one” he added.

There are many men out there who is  eager and willing to be a father like  Andres Zabal.

This man showed his braveness in life,  his eagerness to create his family and  become a father. So for those who  are afraid to be a father, make Mang  Andres as your inspiration. Do what he  does, believe on what he believes in  and you will be a great father anyone  is wishing for.

Mr. Zabal yearns to be a father. He  wants to be a man who will protect and  provide for what his child needs. Being  a disabled person never dissuade him to  think that he could be a father someday.  He is never afraid of to show the world  that he is ready to be called “Tatay”.

Longing for a father’s love 

While someone aspires to become a father,  there is a child who wishes her father to  be by her side, but is now impossible.

Klarence T. Daroy is a daddy’s girl.  Now 21, she lost her father three years  ago. The acceptance part is not easy.  It is a big challenge to live each day  without the man she loves the most.  Waking up each day knowing that no  one will be there to protect and provide  for their family is harder to accept. No  one will be there for her if she needs  fatherly support. No one will provide  for her needs and no one will stand as  the strongest man for her.

She lost not just a father, but an  inspiration as well. Each time, she  wishes her father, the man whom she  dedicates all her success, would see all  her achievements in life.

Yet, losing her father is not the end  of the road for Klarence. The situation  turned her into a brave woman. She  continued studying and made her  dreams possible. Her father becomes her  strength and inspiration to do more and  pursue her ambitions in life.

Klarence may have not moved on yet,  but she believes that time will come  when the pain will heal, confident in  the idea that her father watches her  from above.


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