About Us


Boracay Sun started as a community newspaper established by Global Integrated Media Ltd. In 2010.  It served as “Boracay’s Monthly News” with multi-lingual articles for the different nationalities living in and visiting the Boracay Island.

In November 2013, Boracay Sun was sold to another company, the Boracay Wallstreet, Inc.  Subsequently, months into transition, the newspaper carried a new tagline from the “Boracay’s Monthly News” to “Community Newspaper: Your Insider’s Guide to Boracay”.  With this change came a new vision, that is, for Boracay Sun to be the Boracay community’s monthly forum – a common ground where the community can come together.

We aim to provide opportunity to get to know the people in the neighborhood, so to speak, and a chance for each one in the community to live vicariously through each other’s adventures; and serve as a platform to share one’s way of life to the world.

Foremost in our commitment is to be the insider and the authority for tourists and travelers looking for objective, credible and useful information, and the community’s source for what’s going on in and around the island now.

Instead of hard news, we believe in good and relevant news on issues that affect us all. Driven by social responsibility, we hope to inspire proactivity in the community as a catalyst for change, by being good stewards of our beloved island through our pages. Like building a sandcastle on the beach, we are organically molding the Boracay Sun into the newspaper you will look forward to every month, with captivating covers, vibrant and compelling human interest stories, and a fun and engaging read for all, from cover to cover.

We also feel that it is time to promote the Philippines as a premiere travel destination. A special section called the 7107 Islands when it was launched was devoted mainly to news and features from other island destinations.  And, lately, with our new tagline, “Your Insider’s Guide to Boracay and Beyond”, we have dedicated this section to be everyone’s insider guide to the cultures, heritage and tourists spots in our country’s 7107 islands.    

From our beginnings as a monthly newspaper five years ago, with all the stories that we have published, all the places that we’ve been, all the people that we’ve reached and touched, we’ve tried to make it a little better each time.

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Help us to quench and serve you better, by giving us your feedback. Tell us what you want to see and read about in our upcoming issues. You are our best resources, and we encourage you to be our eyes and ears out there, on the ground, in and under water!