Beach House Away from the Sea

Patricia Hernandez

The inevitable rainy season has officially started and storms are hitting landfall one after the other. As a certified beach bum, you find yourself missing the beach as the cold and humid weather replaces the warmth and sunny vibe of summer. Not to worry though, you can always bring that beach feel in your very own home. Here are a few simple and hip beach-themed ideas that you can make on your own for a beach experience right in your very home.


beachwoodplaceblogspotCompass Side Table: Visit your second-hand furniture store to find a side table that you can repurpose. Paint the table top with navy blue or black for the background. Sketch out the compass with a pencil; this will let you have room for mistakes as the dark background will make it less obvious. You can even use a stencil if you are not confident with working freehand. After that, color your compass in with white paint. This gives a very nautical and beach vibe to any room.

thepoorsophisticateDecor Driftwood Candle Holder:

This is a simple DIY that can be used during special dinners or even as décor in your home. You can find driftwood in all kinds of shapes and sizes in almost any beach. The first step is to dry it out for about a week and brush it off with an old tooth brush. Then use a one and a half inch drill bit and drill into the wood where you want your candles placed about a half of an inch deep. Be sure to use the votives with a metal surround (that is how most votives come), so the wax doesn’t get all over the wood, or if you want to be extra safe you can use the battery operated ones that can be found in department stores.

Wall Art

Oversized Art Pieces:

Have your favorite sceneries at the beach printed in poster size and frame them or have them mounted on wood to be hung on your wall. For a more raw feel, you do not even need to frame them. These will create a summery and beach mood in the room, even if it is already the rainy season.

aimeeweaverblogspotPainted Wooden Plank: Get a good size of wood, or combine small pieces to create the size for wall art you prefer. Simply paint over it with horizontal streaks to create an illusion of seascape. You can even try creating an ombre effect to reflect the change of color from the sky to the dark color of the sea. This is a very uncomplicated art piece that will subtly remind you of the beach.

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