BFI starts month-long 20th anniversary celebration

Come June 10, homegrown organization,  Boracay Foundation, Inc. (BFI), will be  celebrating its 20th year anniversary.

To commemorate its two decades of success, BFI has  started its month-long celebration with an underwater  clean-up activity on May 15 followed by a bloodletting  drive on May 21.

The underwater water clean-up is part of BFI’s  Boracay Forever program, in partnership with the  Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy (PMSA),  Boracay Business Administration of Scuba Schools  (BBASS) and the Local Government Unit of Malay.

It was joined by over 100 volunteers composed of  divers, snorkelers, “mermaids,” and paddlers, and  has gathered 274 kilograms of trash – mostly plastic  materials, cigarette butts and bamboo fragments.  Led by BBASS and PMSA, the cleanup was also  joined by members of Standup Paddlers of Boracay,  Junior Paddlers of Boracay All Stars, Boracay Tourist  Assistance Center, Boracay Multisports, and Boracay  European International School, and several locals.

A total of 26 divers helped remove trash from artificial  reef domes at the coral garden managed by the BFI. The  remaining 82 volunteers snorkeled, paddled and cleaned  up at the White Beach during the one-hour cleanup.

“Removing shells dominating the reef domes will  allow corals to grow more,” said Haron Deo Vargas,  a marine biologist for the Environmental Management  Services Unit of the LGU-Malay.

Normeth Preglo Parzhuber of the PPMSA said the  activity should be an eye-opener for the volunteers  and the general public emphasizing the role of corals  for Boracay.

Meanwhile, BFI’s blood drive dubbed as Bleed for  Cause has produced 63 blood bags or a total of 28,350  cc of blood. The activity was held at Henann Lagoon  on May 21 with the support of the Philippine Red  Cross-Boracay Malay and Capiz chapters. The bloodletting  drive was aimed to raise awareness on the  importance of blood donation which will benefit patients  and tourists in the island needing blood transfusion.

Still part of its anniversary celebration is “Paint My  Love”, a painting and beautification activity at Balabag  Elementary School held from May 26 to 30.

A medical and dental mission for Malay residents,  dubbed as “REACH OUT: Boracay and Beyond” is  set on June 4 at Barangay Poblacion with a target of  500 beneficiaries.

BFI’s 20th grand anniversary celebration culminates on  June 10 at Henann Regency Resort and Spa with a  benefit dinner and the inauguration of the organization’s  newly-elected board of directors.

Boracay Foundation Inc.

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