Biking In and Around Boracay

biking in boracay

Joel James Cubillas

Boracay’s fresh air, humid environment, and laid-back suburbs suggest that it is only fitting to travel around the island on a bike. Not only would one emit less of a carbon footprint, but will be entertained by a better, more holistic perspective of the island, as well.

When on a bike, one is given the free will to leave the paved road and discover what the unbeaten path offers. When I was in Boracay last summer, Allan Alvarez, a dear friend and a resident of Yapak, lent me his mountain bike and told me that Boracay is not just about the beaches— that the island’s culture is thriving too.

Truth be told, my bike ride only ranged about 16 kilometers (back and forth) but I have experienced things that the island’s famous long beach couldn’t provide.


If I was a tourist, then I probably would have stayed only in Manoc Manoc and not have seen the virginal beauty that is Yapak. There, the horizon is endless and the beachfront is laden with only a few beach umbrellas and nothing more. It is also the place to be when you want to enjoy the tropics by yourself. Thanks to the good ol’ bike that inspired me to veer away from the dense and busy (yet still beautiful) long beach scene.


Starting my ride from Yapak to Bulabog to Manoc Manoc, I saw the almost empty rural streets evolve into a busy tourism hub. It also taught me that Yapak and Bulabog are home to locals. And since Boracay is an island far from any metropolis, it is observable that the two barangays, albeit outside the tourism district, have built a self- sustaining community. Sari-sari stores pepper the main road and sell items for maybe half the price as compared to those in Manoc- Manoc.


The rolling course and humid environment may result to heat exhaustion. Other than being physically fit, here are the things that a Boracay biker must not forget: safety gear (especially since motorists here are a bit on the aggressive side), drinking water (lots of it), dri-cool apparel, cash, and a handy camera equipped with a high storage card (since all roads that you will go through are picturesque).

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