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Calvin Young

XTREME FUN Sports and Recreation has the coolest toys in the island! Know what they are? That’s right! The Flyboard, Hoverboard, and Flybike.

They are propelled by the power of the Jet Ski. The hose connects from the back of the Jet Ski to the equipment. The further the accelerator is pressed on the Jet Ski, the more water that is sent out of the bottom of the board allowing for flight.

As soon as I learned about this, I immediately contacted them via email. The owner, Chris Bech and manager, Julius Olarte, immediately replied and were very accommodating. I am really grateful for the help they have extended.

Getting Some Extreme Fun!

In the morning, Julius met me at the hotel where I stayed and brought me to the shore where I boarded a bangka (boat) and sailed for about 20-25 minutes to the launch pad (pontoon) with a Jet Ski parked next to it. The pontoon is situated in an area designated for water sports like flyboarding, hoverboarding, and flybiking. In general, water sports and activities have always been the best part of Boracay especially for tourists.

I met my instructor there. He was very clear, visual, and communicative. He was approachable as well and we chatted by writing to each other. It was definitely a warm conversation where I learned a bit about how he started working for Xtreme Fun. I felt like that broke the ice. He gave me a sense of comfort before I began my first water activity. He would present me with a sheet of paper with visuals of a “step-by-step” of how-to-use instructions. Each instruction was very clear and I understood them from the first time I laid my eyes on it.


As we began, he instructed me on how to control the Flyboard by bending your knees and ankles with your body centered. He didn’t just instruct me, he showed me by bending his knees and keeping my balance. He used gestures to point out what was important to keep in mind and what I shouldn’t do.

Then he did a demonstration. He hovered and swirled around like a pro and then he dove into the water and jumped out like a dolphin.

Finally, the excitement began as soon as I was strapped to the Flyboard. I sat up at the dock and jumped on my belly and then I turned around to float on my back. The Flyboard gently propelled me to an open section of water. I turned around once again and floated on my belly, arms out with my GoPro mounted on a GoPole in one hand. Then I tried to rest as if I were standing in the water as the jetski would turn up their water pressure pretty soon.

At first, it was kind of hard because I had to figure out the current of the water as I had to fight against it. As soon as the board propelled out of the water, I was above water and I felt like I was on that hoverboard from Back to the Future.

I was still trying to get the hang of the Flyboard; testing out the board by bending my knees and raising and lowering your feet at different angles. It took me some time, but it wasn’t long before I was raising at least a meter out of the water. That was when I realized that keeping your body in control from your core is the easiest part, but keeping firm control of your ankles and knees was the hardest part.

Once you get the hang of the Flyboard, the rest should be easy. You’ll be hovering out of water before you know it. It took me at least seven falls before I finally had a steady hover.

The falls didn’t hurt for me. I would fall back into the water when the board lost water pressure from the Jet Ski at times. The Jet Ski can’t give out pressure for too long, so they will stop to allow it “rest” for a moment. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I felt like a dolphin or like I was the Iron Man. I can be both.


This one was a bit tougher. The Hoverboard had one propeller on the back end instead of two, facing down on the bottom of the board.

Since the propeller thrusts water from the back end, I would have to put my weight unto my back foot and lean my upper body toward the board while holding the front end. My board would be tilted up and then I would fly out of the water.

I did struggle in the beginning and had few falls from tilting the board backwards just a bit too much. In one attempt, I somehow flew out of water, but it just kept propelling upwards where it became too high; I didn’t want to go that high and get another bad fall. I actually slipped out of the straps and jumped into the water painlessly. Good thing the board didn’t hit me in the water either. Whew!

Of course, I didn’t give up. I got back on. From there, I just got it. I finally got the hang of it. I was bouncing on and off water as if I were wakeboarding. Make sure you bend your knees a bit when you land the board from the air, so your knees wouldn’t hurt as much, as it would if you didn’t bend them.

It was like surfing and wakeboarding at the same time, except with a propeller of water. It was quite a fun experience. This would be great for those people who are experts in surfing or wakeboarding. They would probably pick up on this one faster than I did with a few more tricks.

Above all, I had fun and I definitely liked it, but it was exhausting and sore on my right leg because I put so much pressure on it, especially when you had done it more than few times.


The Flybike is like a bike without wheels, except for a 40-foot hose connected to the Jet Ski to redirect the water thrust out of the bottom of the seat and out of the front nozzles as propeller.

There were pedals for me to twist forward to elevate or backwards to reduce water pressure. I could twist it as far as I could and go as high as I like. I have to admit, balancing out the bike while hovering was rather easy and I could hover 2-3 meters above water until I had another wipe out. After a couple of wipeouts, I became adjusted to it and I started to fly around a bit. Good enough, I did kind of go a little too high and then I tiled back—the rest was history.

The guide was cool about it and I hopped back on his Jet Ski then rode back to the shore.

I had fun on the FlyBike, but I personally think Flyboard is the easiest and most fun of all.

As mentioned earlier, the instructor was very clear and communicative. Not only that, he was especially friendly and fun to be around. I definitely enjoyed my time with him. He was very helpful and flexible. He would even help out with taking pictures or videos with my GoPro camera. He’d pretty much meet your needs as much as possible. That was what I appreciated the most.

He would be an ideal instructor for Deaf people because he was very clear with his gestures and he wrote well, so that made everything very convenient for both of us.

Overall, the thrill I had was incredible! In fact, I couldn’t think of any better adrenaline rush. It was champs! I’d definitely recommend XTREME FUN to anyone who would visit Boracay.


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XTREME FUN Sports & Recreation
Phone Number: +63 910 230 0000

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