Going Loco at Red Coco


Michael Madriaga

During the rainy days, most of us search for our comfort food to warm us up or to give a little bit of sunshine on gloomy days. While most might prefer the warmth of soup, I prefer having a hearty and delicious meal to energize me.

For coffee lovers who want to have that perfect heartwarming companion, Red Coco Café is your haven in Boracay. With their wide selection of caffeine products and non-caffeinated beverages, you will surely enjoy the habagat breeze on the beachfront. Red Coco Café is also perfect for those who want to have light meals and desserts via their variety of sandwiches and pastries.

Red Coconut Restaurant has been one of my favorite spots when I’m craving for mouthwatering meals. What’s unique about this restaurant is that it has a wide array of choices ranging from Asian to Filipino to Western.

One of their most talked about dishes is the Sunkist Prawns, which combines two of my favorites, prawns and bacon! The two main ingredients complement each other well and the flavorful sauce adds a delightful finish to the dish. This is a must-try for those looking for something new to fill their stomach, as the serving size is really generous.
For pizza lovers, make sure to try their Meat Lovers Pizza. It has the beloved combination of meat toppings we’ve come to know plus a special sauce that makes it even better.
Red Coconut is also a hub for barbecue lovers. Another must try is the Seafood Kebab. As mentioned earlier, their menu offers a wide variety of cuisines and it is no surprise that they have Middle Eastern delicacies. This is included in their menu to cater to the increasing number of Arabs visiting the resort. Their kebabs carry the right amount of flavor that anyone will surely enjoy. The skewers have different fish and seafood plus vegetables, making it a complete meal.
Another reason why people visit the resort is because of their fun activities and selections of drinks at the Cocobar. For those looking for the ideal place to watch the sunset and warm their bodies with booze, the bar is where it’s at. One of my favorites is their Bailey’s Milk Shake, just like the familiar chocolate milk shake but with a twist of liquor – an excellent choice for adults who miss their childhood.

Red Coconut is an all-in-one dining experience. From having an elegant hotel, to its wide selection of dishes at Red Coconut Restaurant, Coco Café, and Cocobar, this is the place to be for tourists visiting Boracay. Visit Red Coconut at the beachfront of Station 2 or checkout their website for more info http://www. redcoconut.com.ph/

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