Jollibee opens 998th store in Boracay

Fast food chain, Jollibee, has opened its first stand-alone store in this tourist island. Joined by representatives from the Local Government Unit of Malay and island stakeholders, Jollibee Food Corporation unveiled its 998th store in the country during on April 6.

The new branch located at the mainroad in Station 2 of Boracay is part of Jollibee’s branch countdown to 1000th milestone store this year. The store is also their 142nd branch in the Visayas region and their second in Boracay; the first is in CityMall.

To mark the opening day, a special program was held wherein exciting prices were given to selected customers. Jollibee also offered free tricycle rides to locals and tourists for three days.

As a world-famed brand, the Boracay store aims to promote the Filipino brand especially to foreign travelers, said Winston Sia, Regional Business Unit Head for Visayas of Jollibee Food Corporation.

“It is not just our brand that we are promoting; we are promoting Jollibee as a Filipino brand,” Sia said in an interview with the media.

The Balabag branch is owned by Boracay-based businessman Robert and Lily Po. The branch, with 365-seating capacity is one of the biggest in the Visayas.

When asked about their commitment on the island’s fragile environment, the Jollibee management assured that they will abide with local regulations and will utilize more environment- friendly initiatives to protect the island such as using reusable wares and paper packages. Sia said proper garbage disposal will be followed.

The new Jollibee branch has also opened more jobs to Aklanons. The branch has hired at least 70 personnel already mostly from Aklan.


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