Lawyer in Corona trial in hot water for being “Abusive” on Boracay over Easter

lawyer Roberto Eugenio Cadiz, a private prosecutor in the Corona Impeachment Trial, will soon find himself in defensive mode with the multiple charges being readied against him for berating a Dutch resort owner here and for calling the Royalty of Netherlands “bulls**t” and the Netherlands “a stupid nation.”

This developed after Johan Jacob Philip Van Der Tak, owner of the Ambassador in Paradise Resort in Barangay Balabag, decided to personally file cases against Cadiz aside from the corporate charges that are being prepared against him for his abusive remarks and behavior last Good Friday against Van Der Tak, the resort, and the Royalty of Netherlands.

Cadiz, who goes by the nickname “Totsie” in the legal community, is the Executive Director of LIBERTAS and Executive Council Member of the Transparency and Accountability Network. He hails from Lipa City, Batangas but is practicing law in Quezon City. Recently, he was selected by the House Prosecution Panel to be among its private lawyers for the trial of impeached Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.

LIBERTAS, which stands for Lawyer’s League for Liberty is the prime mover of PERLAS project, or the Public Education on Rule of Law Advancement and Support, which aims to educate and inform the public especially students in public elementary and high schools on the proper functioning of a society anchored on the justice system. DepED Secretary Armin Luistro, in one interview, even said that PERLAS will be fully integrated in the elementary and secondary curricula with the aim of going beyond lessons in Mathematics, Science, English, and other subjects and to mold the students into becoming responsible and law-abiding citizens.

In the Police blotter report, Van Der Tak claimed that on April 6, while he was reading a newspaper at the bar of his resort, he heard Cadiz shouting at the front beach of the resort, “Hey you, foreigner, come here!”

Cadiz was complaining of what he calls an obstruction on the beach by the buffet set-up of the resort during Holy Week. During a check with the permit section of the Mayor’s Office, it was learned that the resort applied and was granted a permit for its 4-day Easter Event wherein they would be utilizing the front beach of the resort.

Van Der Tak said he invited the complaining Cadiz for a quiet talk inside the resort in order not to cause panic among the resort’s guests but Cadiz instead went on with his abusive remarks and shouted at the top of his voice that the permit was fake.

“You come from a very stupid nation. Just like you. Then you represent your country very badly. You have no common sense. This is public property. You cannot fence this,” Cadiz wailed as he questioned the alleged fencing of the front beach.

Cadiz was even video recorded shouting, “Royal Netherlands…Bulls**t!”

In one video record, the lawyer was caught saying: “You have no permit. To hell with you. Prove your permit. It’s not a permit from the mayor.”

In another tape record, Cadiz and Van Der Tak were caught exchanging the following arguments:
VAN DER TAK: “What a terrible guy! I don’t believe that you’re a lawyer because I respect lawyers and I don’t respect you. You are respectless. You’re a lawyer? You are respectless, sir. This is respectless. Sorry, but you’re respectless.”

CADIZ: “Then I don’t believe you have common sense. You have no common sense. No, you are respectless! Stop fooling around with me. Stop wasting my time!”

Rodito Absalon, chief of the Malay Auxiliary Police or MAP, who got sandwiched by the conflict decided to arrest the situation by imposing a 5-meter pullback of the buffet tables. So much for the requirements of obtaining permits from the Mayor.

But some staff of the resort complained of the inaction of the MAP members, saying that they should have acted to “cool off” the situation by way of stopping Cadiz from shouting in front of guests of the resorts.

Nikki Van Der Tak, wife of Johan Jacob Philip Van Der Tak, in a radio interview, said the shouting and the arrogant behavior of Cadiz “really left a bad imprint on our tourists and guests especially on lawyers and our justice system.”

“He is supposed to be a person of law and a person of good character. Is this the way lawyers act on a situation like this? My husband is inviting him inside the resort to sort things out or to address the problem quietly and peacefully but instead he kept on shouting and wailing in the presence of our guests and the people passing by the beach. He is so arrogant and is fond of bulls**ting and calling people’s names. Aren’t lawyers bounded by a proper conduct or ethics in addressing situations like this one,” she asked.

The Attorneys’ Code of Ethics specifically provides that a lawyer shall manifest conduct that is an example of humanity, respect, human dignity and progressive efforts in recognizing and accomplishing basic human rights and freedoms.

“What kind of value they would be showing the people and the younger generation who wish to join the legal profession if lawyers like him act that way in public…if a lawyer like him, instead of talking things out in a respectable manner, would manifest a disgraceful and abusive behavior calling people’s names…and if a lawyer like him doesn’t know how to show respect to his fellow being on matters of concern like this one,” she asked.

The Van Der Tak couple, it was learned, is also coordinating with the Netherlands government about the filing of appropriate charges against Cadiz after the latter called Netherlands “a stupid nation” aside from wailing “Royal of Netherlands, Bulls**t!”

The Boracay Sun tried but failed to reach Atty. Cadiz for comment.

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  • Antiques

    Sounds like Cadiz is having a BiPolar moment… maybe he is going nuts with too much reading of LAW? That would drive ME nuts, thats for sure!