‘Lumot battle’ held to show green algae is safe for swimming

Locals play on the algae-covered portions of the famous White Beach of Boracay last April 22 to prove among tourists that the algal bloom that recurs at this time of the year is indeed safe.

The “Lumot Battle”, which coincides with the Earth Day celebration this year aims to educate tourists, especially first timers that there is nothing to worry about the presence of the green algae at the famed Boracay beach.

According to Boracay Island Administrator Rowen Aguirre, the event was held in order to to inform visitors that there is nothing to be afraid about the green algae.

“There is no evidence that these green algae are causing any health risks,” he said.

Aguirre also mentioned that thousands of tourists are expected by end of April due to the long Labor Day celebration and the additional special holidays in Manila due to the meetings of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Meanwhile, Lumot Battle proponent, Malay Councilor Datu Yap-Sumndad, said activity said the activity also aims to show to tourists how locals value green algae. Sumndad explained that the Lumot Battle is a depiction of how locals enjoy playing with algae, even before the boom of tourism in the island.

As usually seen during the summer season, the presence of green algae at the White Beach is considered a natural phenomenon by Boracay locals.


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