More than just Boracay: Malay showcases mainland attractions, Fiesta de Obreros

Already known for its paradisiacal  island, Malay dares to prove that  it is more than just Boracay. As  cultural-tourism starts to boom,  the Local Government of Malay  through its Municipal Tourism  Office is already making steps  ahead. As Boracay continues to gain popularity, a  big chunk of tourists is also starting to notice the  attention-worthy attractions in the mainland.

Some of which, we are lucky to visit courtesy of the  Municipal Tourism Office as part of the Fiesta de  Obreros Celebration. So here’s a glimpse of the places  and the colorful festival we experienced a month ago.

Malay Eco Park 

Located in Barangay Argao, the eco-park’s main  attraction is its beautiful butterfly farm.

Tourists will surely enjoy a walk inside the sanctuary  planted with fruit bearing trees, while being surrounded  by the colorful butterflies. The park likewise houses  the distinct flora and fauna only endemic in the town.  On its highest peak, one can have a view of Boracay  from afar.

Nabaoy River 

Nabaoy is about 30 minutes away from Caticlan Jetty  Port. It has crystal clean river stretching the village.  Along the riverside are huts and restaurants that offer  native dishes and delicacies for tourists. With its calm  water, the river is a favorite spot for swimming and  even rafting for some.

Motag Living Museum 

To get a perfect glimpse of how the Malaynons actually  lived a long time ago, then Motag Living Museum is  a must to visit. The place is a unique representation  of the well-preserved local heritage of the Malaynons.  It is actually the only cultural interactive museum in  the Philippines and recommended by the Philippine  Carabao Center and the Philippine Conservation Society.

The museum aims to impart to the new generation the  importance of the local culture – the Malaynon culture  and the traditional farm life. Guests are introduced  on the various farm activities and the traditional  household materials used by the locals before. The  museum showcases how locals turn simple natural  products into useful things.

From being just mere spectators, guests can participate  in performing some activities along with the museum  guides who are mostly seniors and actual residents of  the village. After the activities, all are then treated  to real Malaynon taste through traditional foods like  suman, cassava cakes and pinipig.

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Fiesta de Obreros 

Even before Laboracay, Malay already celebrates its labor sector through its annual  Fiesta de Obreros held every May 1. The religious town fiesta is in honor of St.  Joseph the Worker, Malay’s Patron Saint and also to pay tribute to all workers.

This year, the Labor Day celebration in Malay became a colorful presentation of  the rich culture and tradition of the town which is celebrating its 14th Fiesta de  Obreros. In contrast to the loud and chaotic Labor Day celebration in Boracay,  the Malay festivity showcased choreographed dance performances from the talented  Malaynons.

“This is a celebration of Malaynons’ true culture and tradition,” said Felix delos  Santos, Malay chief tourism officer. This year’s festivity, according to Delos Santos  focused more on the uniqueness of each participating barangays as a product of the  recent cultural mapping project of the Municipal Tourism Office of Malay. “The  cultural mapping allowed us to know ourselves and we want to showcase it to the  rest of the world, especially to our tourists,” he said.

What makes this year’s festival grander also is the presence of Chief Operating  Officer of the Tourism Promotions Board Cesar Montano. Commending the local  government for preserving its tradition, Montano likewise pledged to help the  promotion of mainland areas.

Meanwhile, out of the 17 Malay barangays, 12 showcased their respective culture  through their colorful and lively performances. Barangay Balusbos emerged as  champion and even took home all the minor awards including Best in Street Dancing,  Best in Choreography and Best in Production Design. Barangays Sambiray and  Caticlan meanwhile ranked second and third, respectively. Balusbos brought home  the PhP50,000 top prize and another PhP35,000 from minor awards. Meanwhile,  Sambiray and Caticlan received PhP40,000 and PhP30,000, respectively. Other  participating barangays each received PhP10,000 as consolation prizes.

A day or two is never enough to fully experience what mainland Malay can offer.  There are still too many places to visit – Nagata Falls, Pangihan Cave, Naasug  Point, Agnaga Mini Falls, among others.

Check out more photos HERE!

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