I love music. I can’t survive without music.

The prostitution is incomprehensible as well as  unpardonable. The music industry’s future seems  to become very questionable.

Record companies worldwide still keep on talking  about that topic. The radical change and makeup  of the whole music industry seems to be clumsy  but unwavering and obvious. We’re all subjected to  prevailing tastes, but especially the pop music field’s  spending power dwindles and fades slowly but surely.  Listen to radio stations, watch even the “American  Idol” or other idols….

The record companies are still spreading optimism  since many years, even if the turnover has declined  to 33 billion US$ sometime already in 2005. How  much now in 2017? Unbelievable, but in the U.S. and  England, compact disc sales are still increasing. CDs  almost vanish in the Philippines. Sure, use You Tube  and burn your CDs yourself!

Fact is: the international music industry nowadays tries  to survive by getting strange partners, like “T-online”  in Germany or “Apple” worldwide, that ensure new  distribution policies. Worldwide, new generations grow  up focusing on music like a marginal zone. I found in  my old clipping files a quotation of former European  VODAFONE marketing director Guy Laurence:  “Consumers still want to buy music by listening where  ever he or she is right now!”

It doesn’t matter what kind of music the consumer  appreciates, but it seems to be a great task for radio  station carriers simply to satisfy and let its listeners  enjoy. I have been a radio host in the Philippines for  several years. I experienced it very well. Listen to  several radio stations right now: it’s always and almost  the same.

Great variety is requested. Or, sad to say, music has  no future, when it comes to radio broadcasting. An old  Beatles song seems to be the first night performance  of a Goethe drama. Yes, there are still people, even  youngsters enjoy listening to music from the 1970s as well  as from the Classical Masters back to the 17th century.

Let’s be honest to ourselves and face it: Many times  nowadays music remains as a cheap extra bonus or a  free gift and encore, an uncomfortable and insignificant  marginal note in television or as an incredible cellphone  ring tone.

Music, pop or classical music loses its individual  character. If, after the long play records (I still have  tons at home), the compact discs will become passe, we  must not wonder, if a coming up generation won’t know  any band or artist from the 1950s or 1960s or a certain  Ludwig van Beethoven or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Am I old-fashioned? Maybe yes! Why not…?

Do you like Beethoven, Beach Boys, Bach, Buencamino,  Frank Sinatra or the Apo Hiking Society? I do! Do  you have a chance to listen to them?

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