Of Friends and Wedding Bells

February 25, 2017.

Here comes the bride,  All dressed in white. 

While the rest of the country was celebrating the 31st  Anniversary of the EDSA Revolution, I was in another  part of the country, at the Holy Rosary Church in  Boracay Island – wiping my tears as I witness my  high school bff, Jasmin, walk down the aisle in her  beautiful white gown.

Everybody was in awe, most especially Einstein, her groom.

While Jaja was walking way down the aisle, flashes  of memories rushed through my head on how she  and Tein have conquered everything just to get there.  Right at that moment. The end of their singlehood  but the beginning of a new chapter of their amazing  love story.

I gave out a sigh of relief as Tein finally clutched her  hand firmly while smiling sweetly at his bride.

I thought, “Forever really does exist.”

Jaja and Tein first met in 2003. She was a sophomore  at Ateneo de Manila University, while he was finishing  up his Masters in Biology at the same university. Tein  worked as a teaching aid then and handled Jaja’s bio  lab class. As sparks flew, they started regularly getting  in touch thru text and email after that semester and  eventually became a couple.

“There was no formal courtship that happened,” Jasmin  says. “We just clicked, that’s it.”

I asked Tein how Jaja gave her “yes” and I got the  funniest response ever.

“Well, she told me, basta boyfriend na kita ha,” says Tein.

Being her friend for almost two decades that really  sounded like Jasmin. No negotiations. No hearts and  flowers. Simple as that. Straight to the point.

Jaja was an NBSB type of girl (No Boyfriend Since  Birth) and so was Tein. So, the first three years of their  relationship was a bit of a struggle for both parties.

“There’s a lot of frustration because we were both  adjusting to everything. Expectations were never met,  and we fought a lot, even for the shallowest reasons.  Until such time that we thought we couldn’t be  together anymore and called it off,” Jaja tells me.

They first broke up during New Year’s Day of 2007.  Cupid never sleeps, though. After all the tears shed  and all those sleepless nights, Jaja decided she was  ready to move on no matter how hard it would take.  Only to find Einstein at her doorstep two days after  Christmas of the same year begging her to get back  together, telling her how he missed her so much.

“Siyempre pinahirapan ko muna siya. Ang lagay eh,  ganon nalang iyon,” narrates Jaja.

It took a few months of Tein’s pursuit to win back  Jaja’s love again, until she decided to move and work  in Singapore. Tein helped her with everything and  even decided to fly with her to help her get settled  and all.

Finally, on the 8th of July, 2008, Jaja decided to put  off her guard and got back with him while they were  both onboard the plane bound to Singapore.

When asked how they knew that they were meant for  each other, their answers reflect a couple who shares  the same heart and soul.

“She is truly a good-natured and kind-hearted person.  There was no specific moment that made me perceive  that she is the one for me. It’s the whole experience  of being with her through all these years which made  me realize that I want to spend the rest of my life  with her,” shares Tein.

“He’s my soul mate. I know in my heart, that if we  never got back together, I will never ever find anyone  else who would love me just as I am—who will stand  by my side no matter what and will accept all of my  imperfections,” says Jaja.

The Proposal 

Einstein shares that he had already bought a ring  beforehand and was thinking of the perfect timing  and ways to propose. He wanted it to be simple but  intimate. When they ended up planning their first  trip to London and Paris, he thought it would be the  perfect time to do it.

On December 27, 2015, Einstein asked Jasmin to  marry him while they were underneath the Eiffel  Tower in Paris.

Why Boracay? 

The couple says that Boracay Island is one of their  favorite travel spots. As the white sands are inviting,  the beach is perfect and the sunset is just so lovely.  Getting married here was one of their ultimate dreams.  They also mentioned that they have attended a friend’s  wedding here and they both fell in love on how  beautiful that it turned out, hence, Boracay became  their top choice.

As wedding vows were exchanged, folks hugged  and shared wedding wishes, wedding bouquet thrown  and garter caught, all the perfect imperfections of  a wedding ceremony and the reception party, with  Jasmin, being the most beautiful girl of the day and  Einstein, the most handsome gentleman— one thing  prevailed, and I have been a witness to that.

Love wins, love always wins.

*Jasmin, 32, is a Relocation Consultant while  Einstein, 36, is a Web Designer. They are both based in  Singapore but love to spend their free time traveling.  Among their favorite travel places to visit are Boracay  Island, South Korea, London and Paris.


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