RCY volunteers PLEDGE to save lives

Human blood is one thing that cannot be manufactured and recreated by science alone. Thus, a human being is the only source of it.

Moreover, the availability of blood is greatly significant in saving lives. It is needed in giving immediate treatment in times of accidents and also for treating patients suffering from cancer, bleeding disorders, chronic anemia and other hereditary blood abnormalities.

By donating blood, a person is not just actually saving another person’s life, but his or her life as well for it lowers a person’s risk of cancer, heart and liver ailments and even promotes weight loss on a healthy way. Regular blood donation also helps in maintaining good health for it stimulates the production of new blood cells in the body.

A person can actually start donating blood at the age of 16 years old with parental consent. To show that the youth can also help on saving a life, volunteers from the Philippine Red Cross-Red Cross Youth of Boracay faced their fear of needles.

Five volunteers made history as to join the Pledge 25 movement of the RCY during a blood-letting activity held February 24. Pledge 25 is a project of the Red Cross wherein young blood donors pledge to donate blood three to four times a year until they reach 25 years old.

Led by their Chapter Youth Council President Raven Marie Pomar, the young heroes from Boracay National High Schools-Main, Boracay Island Global Academy and Lamberto H. Tirol High School donated not just their time to the chapter but their blood as well.

Still not convince why it matters to donate blood? Let these young donors tell you their stories.

“I was given a chance to donate my blood with the help of my Red Cross Family. At first I was scared because it is my first time to donate as this age (16) and I am so blessed that I passed all the requirements for the bloodletting. All the pain and fear will lessen when you realize how much it is worth to donate. All big things start from small ones. I hope that the small thing I have done will do a big change. I hope this action will enable people to realize that change starts within us.

On that day when I successfully donated my blood with no hesitation, it made me feel I am already a hero. That blood can save life and it is already a fulfillment for me as a youth. In that very moment, I realized that I am born to this and this is my purpose and my role in life – to be a volunteer.

In this year I started my journey in just donating blood but it has a big impact in my life. There’s no word that can describe what I feel on that day and I wanted to do that for the rest of my life.”

~ Raven Marie Pomar, 16

Chapter Youth Council President

“Last year, Ate Rona (Inocencio) invited me to donate blood. I was a bit curious about it so I accepted the challenge. Unfortunately, l was not able to donate. However, this year, l was lucky. With my friend Abdul Hakim Azis, we successfully donated blood last February 24. I was very excited. Filling up the forms and everything just seemed so exciting. But not until we entered the room where the bloodletting was held.

I started to feel nervous but my excitement prevailed. I tried everything to alter my nervousness. I cracked jokes and “hugots” just to suppress what l felt. Everything went fine, my weight and blood pressure was okay and l felt grateful that l can donate my blood. My happiness was doubled after l found out that l am type AB.

“This is it!” I thought while I was lying in bed. Thanks to Ate Rona, l felt secured because she volunteered to prick the needle for me. My fear of needles somehow downscaled. Of course the needle hurts but the idea of saving a life by just donating my blood lessened the pain. Overall, the experience was great, plus l got to save a life. It’s really cool especially with to see my other friends donating blood as well. I really can’t wait to donate again and l think l will do this full time.”

~ Peter Paul Lusegro, 19

Saving a life requires no age. These RCY heroes proved that even young people can make a difference in the community by donating blood and encouraging others to become blood donors So if these young people can, sure you too can. If you are healthy and fit to donate, spare some of your time and it’s time to roll up your sleeve and save a life — including yours.

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