ROTARY IN ACTION: Rotary Clubs Jindo and Boracay turn over blood collection unit/blood station equipment to Philippine Red Cross

Finally, after months of waiting and much anticipation, the equipment for the blood collecting unit and blood station has been turned-over to the Philippine Red Cross Boracay-Malay Chapter.

The equipment was donated by the sister-clubs Jindo and Boracay through the Rotary International Global Grant. It will be housed in the PRC Boracay- Malay Chapter office at the ground floor of the First Love International Ministries building in Ambulong, Barangay Manoc-Manoc.

The donation includes blood bank refrigerator, blood mixer, autoclave, microscope, serological centrifuge, tube sealer/stripper, bleeding couches, computers, projectors, power generator and other supplies. The Rotary Club of Boracay will still monitor completion of Global Grant 1640616.

With this development, PRC Boracay-Malay Chapter will now have the capacity to store collected blood and therefore, minimize the time in processing and obtaining blood when needed. Initially, the blood collecting unit will only be able to collect and store blood, but PRC Boracay-Malay Chapter will be working very hard to upgrade the facility to a full pledged blood bank in order to serve more communities and be part of the PRC blood bank network.

The ceremonial turn-over was attended by Korean Rotarians headed by Past District Governor Kim Jun Lim of RI District 3610, Immediate Past President of Rotary Club of Jindo Jong-On, PRC Boracay-Malay directors, admin and volunteers, RI District 3850 and Boracay Rotarians, stakeholders and friends.

Past District Governor of RI District 3850 Oliver Ong delivered the welcome remarks. PRC Boracay-Malay Chapter Chairman Joseph Medina formally accepted the equipment on behalf of the Red Cross while Rotary Club of Boracay President Teresa Fajilan-Bech delivered a very emotional closing remarks.

Dan Beaver of the First Love International Ministries was also present and was awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation for ministry’s invaluable contribution by allowing PRC Boracay and now the blood facility to stay in their building for free.

Long wait paid off!

This project was conceptualized in March, submitted for Rotary global grant in April, and formally agreed upon through a memorandum of agreement between the PRC and the Rotary Club of Boracay last May 1.

In April 2016, President Teresa Fajilan-Bech and Club Secretary Aldo Yap went to Jindo, South Korea to formalize the Club Sisterhood and to discuss the details of the project. They were joined by District 3850 Governor Oliver Ong.

In June 17, 2016, as a result of a successful visit by Pres. Teresa and Rotarian Aldo to Jindo, South Korea, 11 Rotarians from South Korea headed by then Club President Jong-On Park, and their official Interpreter Rotarian Hongjae Jeong or Mark, in turn visited Boracay to meet with the Boracay club members and also check the proposed location of the blood facility.

The Rotarians from Jindo, South Korea were also the special guests during the Rotary Club of Boracay Induction of President Teresa and the new set of officers. The visit also gave the Korean Rotarians to see the world-famous Boracay Island.

The application for the global grant was approved in July 2016.

The equipment was originally proposed to be installed in an unfinished building in Barangay Caticlan grounds but the building needed funds to be completed and may not be ready in time. Other locations were considered but finally, it was decided for the best interest of the community, that the facility be established within the PRC Boracay-Malay office.

Last December 2016, the Rotary Club of Jindo once again visited Boracay for final site inspection before the turn-over. They were pleased to see the final location of the facility after several hurdles encountered in the process.

The Blood Collecting Unit/Blood Station is expected to operate in a few months. The Rotary Club of Boracay and the PRC Boracay-Malay Chapter is now working on having the equipment fully delivered and installed, the laboratory fully staffed, and that licenses are secured from respective regulatory offices.

Until then, we could feel secured knowing we will finally have easy access to blood supply when needed.


Sufficient blood supply in Boracay

 The PhP2.5 million worth of health equipment from the sister Rotary Clubs of Jindo, South Korea, District 3610 and Boracay, District 3850, will ensure enough blood supply for the residents of the island as well as in mainland Malay and other neighboring towns.

The equipment is now turned-over to the Philippine Red Cross-Boracay Malay Chapter which will handle the operation of blood services in the island.

Chapter Chairman Joseph Medina said the furnishing of the blood station at their office in Sitio Ambulong, Manocmanoc is expected to be completed and become fully operational this year. The construction of the facility is funded by the Philippine Red Cross.

Aside from the facility, Medina said the Red Cross will also train and hire additional medical team for the operation of the blood station.

“Before, patients in the island have to travel to Kalibo for blood transfusion; the blood station will ensure accessible blood services here,” he said.

Medina also said that having sufficient blood supply in the island is necessary because of the high population and increasing tourist arrivals.

Meanwhile, PRC-Boracay Malay Chapter Admistrator John Patrick Moreno said the local blood station will also enable the chapter to help attain the 1% blood collection requirement of the town in line with the National Blood Services Program of the Department of Health. The town needs at least 560 units of blood yearly for the about 56,000 population of the town.

The blood station facility will also allow donors to donate blood anytime instead of waiting for the scheduled donation activity, Moreno added. “With this blood station facility, we can now maximize our blood donors in the island,” he ended.



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