What freedom means

June 12, 1898 is a significant date in the Philippine history because it marks  our nation’s Independence Day.

Filipinos nowadays continue to live the way they want according to their  own beliefs and culture because of our heroes’ sacrifices and love for our country.  Tons of blood and tears were offered thousands of lives vanished when our  forefathers faced war for freedom and sovereignty.

Freedom means a lot to those who experienced cruelty, for them it means life and  death. For some of us, freedom means expressing thoughts and opinions. Now let  me ask you what exactly is your definition of freedom?

“Freedom is when I can play and  sometimes use a cellphone and  choose the clothes I love to wear  without my mother’s permission.”

~ Margel Avery D. Custodio, 8 yr  old girl 

“Freedom as an LGBT member means going out in  the open where you can be yourself without the worry  of being discriminated, being looked down upon, being  judged by people who calls themselves righteous.  Freedom for us is when we are no longer chained to  society’s standards of normalcy, that we can be treated  equally, that we can be seen as  the human that we are and not  some animal or alien that most  people treat us to be.”

~ Dane Tolinero, LGBT Community  Member 

“As an OFW in Japan, freedom is gained by respecting  Japanese cultures and law. Of course they also respect  our culture but on case to case basis. Other than that,  we are free to go anywhere, free  in freedom of speech as foreigners,  they respect what and who we are.

~ Rose Delco, Overseas Filipino  Worker in Japan 

“It is still the same, because as far  as I know, even though I was too young when martial  law occurred, oldies said they had no right to talk, to  comment. People were afraid of the military because  they have put the law on their hands – when they  wanted to kill, they would do without hesitation, they  didn’t care because they were protected by Marcos.  This is the reason why people  clamor for vfreedom

~ Fe J. Sabino, Martial Law Baby 

“Freedom as media practitioner  for me is the ability for us to  express our views, opinions,  stands, and even our hope and aspiration in life  to either motivate, discourage, or to provoke  or to oppose, to mandate or to serve people.”

~ Darwin Tapayan, Media  Practitioner 

“For me freedom is a right and  this right must be enjoyed by  everybody without any standard  for its recipient. Freedom allows  individual to live, think, decide  and grow on his own, free from any suppression and  discrimination that hinder his progress.”

~ Jomars P. Lubrique, Teacher 

In fact, freedom is a wonderful word which has certainly  no particular definition.People are  free to express their own thoughts  about it, it can be about social,  religious or political freedom or  about personal independence, or  as simple as an 8 yrs. old girl’s  definition, still in the end it is  your choice. The only thing that’s  makes that equal is the fact that everyone wants to be  free, holds true in all cases.



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